Brushes With Celebrity

I always wish that I had more stories about meeting famous people.  Most of mine are very lame.  I don’t actually count those little  “HANDSHAKE” meets with this or that band over the years.  I don’t want it to sound as though there have been that many of those, actually.   A few.  When I was a teenager, I worked at a McDonald’s en-route to where the Chiefs trained and practiced.  So we met all of them regularly.  I met a few people when I worked at the casinos, too. Mostly, though, nothing particularly noteworthy.

I have a friend, I’ll call him Radio God.  He has the best celebrity stories ever.  Specifically, the best Joey Ramone stories.  I love Joey Ramone.  So Much.  Have you ever seen “Rock and Roll High School”? If you have not, I can not recommend it enough. If you have, then perhaps you remember the character “Angel Dust”, the crazy groupie?  That’s me.  “I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!”


However, this post is about the crossing of paths between Joey and Radio God.  I can’t stress enough how cool I think that is.  I’m not going to spend too much time actually *telling* the stories, that seems ridiculously “J. Peterman” of me.  Those are Radio God’s stories.  And besides, I’d much rather hear them than tell them.

Radio God was big into the New York City club scene of the late 70’s.  One of his closest friends then was a chick, we’ll just call her “Incites MyJealousy.”  Well Incites had a ‘thing’ for Joey – So most of the Joey stories stem from her,  ultimately  .. Joey spent time at Radio God’s place, argued with him in clubs,  called Radio God an Asshole.

Over the years, Radio God and I have discussed this many times. He always says “the stories aren’t that good. That guy hated me.”  That is what I find so endlessly fascinating about the whole deal.  “That’s it though. Anyone can just meet a celebrity and tell a story about that meeting for years. It’s a whole other level of cool to meet and interact with the Celebrity du Jour and for them to form an opinion of you.  Even if it’s not wholly positive, Joey knew *YOU*”

That to me is endlessly more cool than  “Oh yeah… I did meet Gene Simmons once. We had a drink in a bar.  It was great”   I bet you a million dollars that Gene does not remember it. It’s not a story he tells HIS friends about the life altering drink and chat he shared with Bob Smith from Peoria, Illinois.  But Radio God actually influenced Joey’s world.  Instead of  just the other way around.



~ by Layla on September 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Brushes With Celebrity”

  1. Where would “Charlise Theron Once Gave Me A Blowjob” rank ? … And would it have to be true ?

  2. would that change HER life? 😛

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