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Don’t Open The Tard Closet

Four mentally disabled adults had deep gashes, wounds and scars all over their bodies when they were rescued from a locked room in a Philadelphia basement, according to photographs of the victims shown in court Monday.

Spectators gasped when the grim pictures were displayed at the preliminary hearing of 51-year-old Linda Weston, a paroled killer charged with kidnapping and abusing the rail-thin victims to get their government benefit checks. Her daughter, boyfriend and friend also have been charged in the case.

Prosecutors accused Weston of running the benefit-fraud scheme in several states from 2002 until her October arrest, which came after a landlord stumbled on the captives in a fetid basement room. One man, Herbert Knowles, was found chained to a boiler.

So it appears this bitch stock piled retards to get their benefits. I read elsewhere that she ttly made her family members get it on so they’d have babies and could get welfare.

Nice, huh?



That actually seems a LOT of work.  Rounding up retards, getting them on board, capturing them, “maintaining” them, and getting their paperwork happening so one gets ‘dat money’.   Seems like working a job would probably be less taxing in the long haul.  Beating humans with sticks is strenuous, right?

~ by Layla on December 22, 2011.

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