Best And Worst of 2011.

One Person’s Opinion of Style. Not Necessarily Mine.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done one of these.  I often do some sort year-end thing as well.  I got started on this train of thought watching an episode of Rome.  One girl’s dress is called “vulgar” at a party and she evidently overhears it because in the next scene, at home after, she is holding the dress up, looking at it “I don’t understand what was wrong with it.”

Honestly? I thought it was lovely.  But.. I could have explained to her what was wrong with it. Paz

Yes, I started with the bad. It’s more fun.  This dress is fine. The wearer is the problem.  I honestly had no idea who this girl was.  Quick Google search for me! And I’m seeing the same issues over and over as I glance over her photos. Not terribly photogenic, horrid makeup choices and in this photo, REALLY BAD TAN.  Usually I’m willing to blame things like the tan and horrible make up on her stylist.  But since her lipstick crimes happen over and over, I don’t think it has anything to do with her stylist. That’s all her.


I feel that Angelina has gotten so thin, she’s lost all semblance of attractiveness.  That being said, I think she’d make any ‘well dressed” list.  She almost always looks both beautifully dressed and correct.  Yawnsville.


Conversely,  here is one that is so predictable in her utter lack of any taste, that it’s almost boring, too.  Almost.  At least with Rihanna, it’s fun to see what she’s going to do next.  It’s like GhettoFabulous, minus the Fabulous.  Sweetie? just because something is expensive and “designer,”  does not mean it is good in any way.


Yes. I have a huge hard-on for anything to do with the Royals, I admit that freely.  However, Kate *always* looks good.  She’s relatively new, though, so I won’t claim to find her boring.

Julianne has always vaguely irked me.  In my head she has always been the queen of that whole  little crowd of actresses that seem to cultivate looking FrumpGirl as a pretentious little habit.  As though, going out of one’s way to dress unstylish and (yes, often) bad somehow gives them more depth.  Newsflash: you can not wash your hair all you like, refuse to wear unwrinkled clothing, and take yourself as seriously as you possibly can; you will always have been in “Big Lebowski,” “Boogie Nights”, and “The Hand that Rocked the Cradle”.  So get over yourself.


I would normally stick Beyoncé on my list of well dressed celebs, but doing it pregnant definitely gets her on the list.   While I do get that for most women, it would be an accomplishment to look stylish and put together on that scale consistently while knocked up.   But its not that impressive of a feat if you already happen to be Beyoncé, too.  I refuse to be super amazed that she used all the limitless money, stylist, and taste at her disposal to pull herself together.  And since I’m on the subject:  Jesus, I’m bored with that pregnancy.   We get it.  She’s going to have a baby.  You’d think her name was Mary.


As the years pass, I’ve come to regard Christina as this generation’s Cher.  “If I don’t dress completely outlandishly, no one will notice me at all” And that often seems to entail as little clothing as possible.  Who doesn’t want to look sexy? Most everyone, I think.   A few less want to consistently dress “trashy whore,”  but Christina may have cornered the market with “Prostitute With Alzheimer’s”  …. Bitch? Where are your pants?


Honestly- I don’t like this dress at all.  But, I get what is going on there and Anne still manages to pull it off.  She almost always looks lovely.  Really, not a lot to say except she just looks so good almost every time one sees a photo, that I have to love her!


Ok, it gripes me that I am using her. But she consistently looks so bad, I feel it would be wrong to not.   Again, I’m going to say the problem is simply a lack of style and taste.  I have seen Kim look incredibly cute, but almost every outfit she is photographed in seems to be motivated by “How short and tight can it be?” which leaves her consistently looking shorter and dumpier than she actually is.  The Gucci she is wearing in that picture above me is a double crime.  1. It’s an ugly-ass dress. 2. It looks ridiculous on her.


I had always counted Kirsten as one of the ickiest dressers that has ever been AND she was firmly one of THOSE bitches (See Julianne Moore). I’m not sure what has happened to her over the last while. Perhaps she realized that nothing will ever be as cool or earn her more money as  “Bring it On” and that made her realize “fuck the frump, man” But I am digging it! Now when I see a picture of her, I fully expect her to look right. YOU GO, GIRL!


I probably should have just said “Who has taste and who does not?”   That does seems to be what I was on about today.  It’s not even about style really. Because that would have been an entirely different list.  And honestly? I feel absolutely confident in my sense of taste. But I do wonder about my sense of style.  Perhaps that should be something I think about in 2012. Style? DO I HAVE ANY?




~ by Layla on December 30, 2011.

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