Bye, Whitney.

Today, I was having lunch with my best friend and we talked about a lot of things.   Not the smallest of our topics was Whitney Houston’s passing.  Dogz has been my best friend since we were..12.  She remembered how proud I was having bought my first album ever with my very own money, “Whitney Houston.”   I can’t tell you how many times she’s told me to “shut the fuck up” when I was wandering around singing this song or that one.  In fact, I managed to get her to do it today.  We were wandering around Wal-Mart and paused (heh. for a half hour) at the 5 dollar CD bin laughing at the different ones.  I picked up a Diana Ross and glanced at the track list and immediately started cooing the start of “Theme From Mahogany.”  Just that first line.  Just once. Then it was stuck in my head.  And I kept randomly singing it and then laughed my ass off when I heard her do it and then be “DAMMIT LAYLA”

My thoughts are all over the place this evening.   Back to Whitney… I wasn’t going to blog about this just cuz my baby already had.  But I’m certain she won’t mind.  I just haven’t been able to get it off my mind. Like I need to do my own little tribute to a voice that meant so very much to me.  Since I was a pre-teen, I’ve been singing her songs, feeling the lyrics so very much.  When I was 14 or 15, I *so badly* wanted to dance with someone that loved me.  Yeah, I had all the other pop songs that were big? But .. ultimately, that was what I wanted.  When I got a little older, I wanted a guy I could “run to”  who would stay and not run away, you know?  I like the big dramatic songs but Whitney always kept it real.  Her songs put the words to the actual feelings.  Yeah we want to bleed for someone and ache and all that other crap, sure.  But when we’re being all emo and dramatastic, all we’re really saying is  “love me.”   And that’s what she sang. Beautifully and regally.

Goodbye, Whitney

That’s the picture going up. Just that one.  And furthermore, that’s the way I’m going to remember her.  Just her pretty smile and beautiful voice that sang songs that I loved.


~ by Layla on February 18, 2012.

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