One Person’s Trash

Yesterday, I got the most amazing email. It was from Miss Thang. She had found most of this epic letter. She sent me a scan and I was so focused on it. Wonder about the person who had written it, the way she found it, the recipient, etc. As per normal, that’s all I’m going to say about the letter because it belongs to her. Which makes the content somewhat hers as well.

Today, I was still thinking about that letter and wandering through my mental Rolodex to see if I could remember finding anything that could even remotely compete. I’m coming up very short. I once found a birthday card tucked into a book I had bought at a thrift store. I once found an umbrella. I’ve found money here and there. While money is pretty good, it’s not inherently interesting.

I got to thinking about a site Mr. L had shown me once, Found Magazine, and I remember I was all about that, as well. I think the little scraps of paper are more intriguing than finding actual stuff. Bits of paper imbued with a little bit of magic. As in, the ability to glance into some anonymous person’s head for that one moment. I don’t think I gave even a passing thought to the person who had previously owned the umbrella. I didn’t wonder who they were,  why they lost it, or what else they had to do that day. All I thought was “oh yay! I just got a new umbrella!” (Thanks,  Jim Gaffigan)

Popping around the internet, I found a different site, Sad Stuff on the Street.  That is more about the actual things than powerful little scribbles on scraps of paper.  I was obsessively going through those photographs when I remembered a sighting that  was actually a little bit of both.

One of the things that I most wanted to do in Australia was going to the places that Mr. L often mentioned.  Experiencing some of the things he often does. Having lunch at Oporto’s was a big one.   The snag we ran into was that we couldn’t seem to find one.  We looked everywhere. It was like a daily quest.   Our very last day in Melbs, we were out wandering around.  It was a new area that neither of us had ever been to. We didn’t have any real destination in mind, just seeing where we ended up.

It was getting to be lunch, so we had began discussing where we might stop.  We walked past all the courthouses and passed a barrister wearing his robe. A block or so later, I was still thinking about that when he nudged me and pointed to the ground.   To most,  it would have seemed like a piece of trash tossed carelessly on the ground.   Well, OK, it did to us too.  But that empty fry box emblazoned with OPORTOS was also a beacon of hope!!!!!!

WE KNEW WE WERE CLOSE! AND WE PRESSED ON! AND WE FOUND AN OPORTOS!!!!!  We got our Bondi Burgers! And they were delicious! I guess in that instance, too, something that is trash can also be a treasure!


~ by Layla on May 7, 2012.

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