Oh, Pizza, My Pizza


My radio station has mentioned a few times now the “Crown Crust Pizza.” as a news tidbit.  Available in the Middle East, but it is a Pizza Hut creation.  I’m not sure that I’d want to try it, but it does sound..interesting.  A ring of small cheeseburgers around the crust and what appears to be typical “cheeseburger pizza” for the toppings.  I guess the whole idea of cheeseburger pizza misses me.  If you want cheeseburgers, go get cheeseburgers and wait pizza til tomorrow.


Ordinarily, I would subscribe to the quotation  “Pizza is like sex; even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”  Therefore, I rarely am put off entirely by a pizza.  One of the very rare occasions was a local place and I was particularly saddened by the experience because ordinarily, Fun House Pizza is  one of the best here in town.   We ordered  a cheeseburger pizza in an attempt to be adventurous.   The main difference between their cheeseburger pizza and everyone else’s was the sauce.  Fun House used a ketchup/mustard mix instead of pizza sauce.

Sounds weird, right?  Exotic? Truthfully, to me it just sounds (and was) “bad.”  The Crown Crust pizza isn’t even exotic to me, really.  It’s more just overkill.   Without a doubt, Asian countries  take the title for “Exotic pizzas.”   Pumpkin mousse in the crust, Shrimp/Potato pizza, and squid ink instead of sauce.
squid ink pizza

I would try a lot of unusual ingredients and combinations. Just because until one does, you really can not know what’s good and what’s just weird.  And see? I think that’s my issue with the squid ink pizza. I think it was created to be “weird” rather than delicious.   Perhaps I’m being ignorant with that statement and there is an entire subculture that think it IS great.  I won’t ever know.  I think a seafood pizza sounds amazing and I can think of lots of ways to get it done.  But dumping down squid ink as a base instead of some kind of actual…sauce? no.  I’ll pass, thanks.

Prickly Pear:  CARAMELIZED ONIONS, GOATS CHEESE, PROSCIUTTO HAM, POACHED PEAR. TOPPED WITH FRESH BASIL.  As I browsed an Australian pizza site, I noticed they have a category of “Weird Pizza.”  However, that one sounds delicious!  But perhaps not……pizza-y.

I feel that perhaps I am simply a traditionalist in terms of pizza.  For example,  Mr.  L and I had 2 kinds of pizza.  One was a Mediterranean style with lamb and feta and red onions …etc and one was  “Americano” with mozzarella, pepperoni, red capsicum…  To me, the former was unspeakably delicious but just not ……………pizza-y.  The latter, however, was incredible pizza.




~ by Layla on May 9, 2012.

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