So Many Bars..

Reading one of my newest favorite blogs, Kirbie’s Cravings, I saw a post where she was talking about weird Japanese Kit-Kat flavours.   That made me think of candy bars in general.


I surfed around a little more and found a whole bunch of stuff talking about all the flavours of Kit-Kat that Japan offers. It made me so sad in a way that the United States does not have any but the one kind. Espresso, Soy Sauce, Strawberry. Some of them were just …so pretty. The Strawberry or the Cinnamon. This one? Salted Watermelon. That’s odd to me. But I’d be all over trying it out.  I feel as though I *need* to try them all.   I immediately want to acquire as many of these flavours as I possibly can.


If pushed, I would have to say that a Snickers is my very favourite candy bar, which strikes me as a little bizarre since I do not really care for peanuts. But I love to try new ones. The odder, the better. It thrilled me to send Zero bars to Mr. L.  I can’t remember if he had ever even heard of them, but I do remember he had never had one. It’s one of the craziest ones the States offers. It’s like.. “Caramel, peanut, and almond nougat covered in white fudge”


A Zero bar is my mom’s favourite candy bar.  I like them, I just am not interested in them very often because they are just so rich.  He liked them so I get to count that as a successful send.   Which is good because he sends me the *best* stuff.  His care packages have the best Australian junk food. AND he takes requests.  I have not made a ton of them because I like surprises but I have asked for specific candy bars.


I was so excited about this. And it was horrid. 😦

It sounded fun and exotic and another friend of mine goes on about turkish delight candy. The candy part under the chocolate was kind of…weird and gelatinous (but still oddly solid)  and it tasted like…lotion? OLD LADY LOTION. My boss was actually kind of all about it.  To be honest, I hadn’t fully expected TO like it.  But I super wanted to.  I was sad when I did not.

The last candy bar on my list of  “odd bars” is Violet Crumble.  Another Aussie request I made of Mr. L.  This one was not bad.  The bar part was this….honey comb sort of thing?  So it was not that I did not like it…it was more that my mouth wasn’t exactly sure how to process it.   However, that was sort of  the sensation I was looking for.  That’s exactly why I love to try something completely unfamiliar to me.   So for that? I call that one a success!

Violet Crumble


~ by Layla on May 11, 2012.

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