I Guess It’s True

When I started this thing back in 2006-ish, I didn’t really spend a lot of time thinking up a name. I grabbed the first phrase that sounded OK to me and I rocked it hard.  That’s just about the only thing, though.  I didn’t have a theme or an idea or even a plan in mind.  I just wanted some place to write the things that I occasionally need to write.   Sometimes I still wonder to myself what this blog is even about, really.  But as I have recently discovered, I think it’s fair to say that this blog has grown into its name.

I have been trying lately to both write more and pay more attention to other blogs.  I have often avoided them for being emotastic crazybuckets.  Eye-raping readers into their problems and droning on about how THEY SUFFER.   These common goals led me to occasionally check my stuff on the WordPress site itself.  One thing I occasionally glance at is to see what comments I have made across other blogs.  Occasionally they will generate a spark of interest in something to chatter about. LIKE RIGHT NOW.

I noticed that about 8 months ago, I commented on a random blog that someone had found my own on that day with the search term “vagina torture.”  And the wheels started turning.  I went to pull up stats and started popping around.  My jaw dropped at some of the things I discovered:   where people had linked from to me.  Or even odder,  some of the things people searched on to get to me.

Spelled correctly, “Penguin Rape” is the number one search term used to find my blog.  I lost count of how many variations and misspellings people searched on with the same general idea and arrived here, as well, to spend some quality time with me.  So many,  that I, too,  jumped on Google and searched on “Penguin Rape.”  GUESS WHAT? I am the very first link.  That’s right, bitches.  At some point in the last few years, I’ve become the World Authority on Penguin Rape, evidently.  Yes, my parents are proud.

It wasn’t the only strange one:

  • “Vagina Torture”
  • “mustard confit”
  • “Thalidomide people”
  • “Oreo maggot”
  • “old hookers”
  • “layla bizarre”
  • “weird circus news”

Some of those terms, I know exactly which blog post they landed on. Others? “…wow.”  I’m not sure how or why I am associated with them.  Some of the places that people started out were just as odd to me.  Tons of WordPress sites. That’s not even a little odd.  I would think it was odd if there were not.   But like.. links from MySpace? that’s strange to me.  I am not on MySpace. I think  I would need to be paid to ever have one of those things. I only barely tolerate Facebook.  But again, I am on Facebook so that’s not odd, either.  The weirdest was the (seemingly) now defunct “Porn-Digest.com”  I would be lying, though, if I said that one did not somehow make me weirdly proud.

I am satisfied with my findings.  I think I have decided that my blog is just about “Weird Shit.”  And I won’t ever feel like a fraud again for saying it’s “bizarre”  since I saw the proof with my own eyes.


~ by Layla on May 30, 2012.

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