Reliving a Moment

Driving home from work tonight, I remembered a moment from my last job.


Just thinking about the whole experience, had me almost crying with laughter.

To recap this story succinctly, several years ago, in a St. Louis suburb, a woman had bought some puppy from a breeder.  The pup was too young (and probably sick anyway) and before she could get it back to the breeder, it died.  The woman stormed over to the breeder’s house.  Leading to an altercation that left her beating the breeder over the head with the dead puppy and then her driving off, waving the puppy corpse out the sunroof.

I remember E had sent me this story.   I had been on a laughing jag when I read it and was still giggling to myself as I forwarded the link to everyone I had ever met.  At one point, my boss’s wife came up to me and asked me what was so amusing.  Somehow, I got through the telling her with a straight face.  Like completely seriously rattled off the pertinent details of the story.  Which was no small feat, lemme tell ya.

As I’m speaking, her face gets more and more scrunched up.  She is so not amused.  When I finally finish speaking, she stares for a moment and says “AND YOU FIND THIS FUNNY?”

I sit there a moment, blink, and manage to get out  “No. I am appall….” before I  just explode in laughter.  So then I’m stuck trying to cover my mouth… choke out “oh my god,  I am so sorry…” all the while laughing harder and harder.  She finally stalks off in disgust and eventually, I was able to get it together and get back to work.

Not sure why I needed to share this anecdote, but I feel better for having done so.

(it’s the waving the puppy out the window that slays me… and yes, I’m laughing as I type from the envisioning)

~ by Layla on August 23, 2012.

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