A Compulsive Need to Solve a Math Problem.

I just had the strangest few moments.  I was sat here watching an old Law and Order.  Perhaps it was because the episode was about really smart kids, but my mind started wandering.  I suddenly flashed on *some* movie.  I remembered it was Bruce Willis.  There was some deal with pouring water.  And I remembered I had figured it out before the characters did and it pissed my movie partner off.
I Googled “Pour” and “Bruce Willis” and found 11 bajillion site hits about that very thing.  It was Die Hard 3.  I had no idea. I would have sworn I had never seen that movie.  I had it in my mind that it was The Six Sense or that crazy movie with that foreign girl , Mila. Did you know this?
The point is just.. The 2 jugs.  One 5 gallon jug and one 3 gallon jug and you had to produce 4 gallons.  I didn’t even remember that but I did remember you were pouring water to get some different amount.  I remembered that I had known it before so I had to figure it out again.  It took me about 15 seconds.

1.  Fill the 5 gallon jug

2. Dump it into the 3 gallon jug, so you have a full 3 gallon jug and a 5 gallon jug with 2 remaining gallons.

3. Dump the 3 gallon jug empty.

4.  Dump the 2 gallons of water remaining in the 5 gallon jug into the 3 gallon jug

5. Refill the 5 gallon jug full

6. Fill the 3 gallon jug full the one gallon of water it is short from the 5 gallon jug.

7. You now have a full 3 gallon jug of water and a 5 gallon jug of water that has 4.


Don’t you feel better now, too?



~ by Layla on September 13, 2012.

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