I Couldn’t Help Myself

Friday night with Mr. L began like any other.  We were visiting about this and that. Who knew he was going to alter my life?  It all started because we were visiting about comedians.   As some of you know, we watch/listen to a lot of comedy during our time.

We like all different kinds of comedy.  From slick, intelligent observational comedy (Dylan Moran) to angry political tirades (Louis Black).  He likes a lot of one liner comedians (Jimmy Carr) and I like some of the ‘working man’ stuff  (no. I am going to clarify right up front, I do not mean Jeff Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy, more like Rodney Carrington ).  A new favorite style of ours we found is “Story Tellers.”   We discovered a couple of remarkable comedians in Melbourne.

One of them, Tim Fitzhigham, did a show that was more of a crazy entertaining lecture than traditional comedy.  His whole show was based on the premise of coming upon a traditional bet book from a centuries old gentleman’s only club.  He went through the book and …reenacted some of the more outrageous bets.

Another storytelling comedian we discovered in Melbs was Dave Gorman.   The crazy thing is, we never actually made it to his show.  After we had discovered “Oh My Life, this guy is *awesome*!”, the rest of our week had been booked pretty solid.  I believe we still managed to see him perform three times: we saw him at a late night “Festival Club,”  we saw him one night at “Set List,” and we saw him our very last night at some weird variety show we picked almost solely because it WAS our very last night together so we wanted to stay OUT as long as possible.

(As a journalistic aside- at some point ‘Festival Club and Set List will be talked about. Just not tonight, probably)
So anyway, like I was saying, Dave Gorman? Awesome.  So Mr. L suggested that we watch one of his DVD’s  “Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure.”  I agreed happily to the suggestion and we watched. And it changed me.  See? I had no idea.  It opened up a world I had never imagined; I did not know what a Googlewhack was.

A Googlewhack is when you use Google’s search engine and you find a combination of 2 *words* and you get exactly 1 hit on that combination.  That’s not as easy as it sounds.

Francophile Namesakes

I believe that was the original googlewhack that started the whole… adventure. I’m not going to ruin the story by telling it here. And it’s largely irrelevant, just know I was transfixed.  All during the watching, I kept randomly trying words.   Obviously, Francophile Namesakes is no longer a googlewhack.  Since it’s been written about countless times.

So anywho.. I’m sat here tonight watching an old episode of Law & Order,  chatting intermittently with Mr. L in between his bouts of workyness, and halfheartedly websurfing when I start thinking about Googlewhacks again.

I start playing around.  Before I go any further, let me say for the record that according to any Googlewhack purist, I cheated. I put my words in quotation marks.  My justification for this is, Google in 2012 is not the same Google in 2003 when Gorman made his movie.

So I was trying combinations and I was getting 234,567 hits.  BUT THEN –

“Amish”  “Gigatron” – I got 8 hits. I was inspired.  I tried 3 or 4 more combinations and it shot back up.  “Credulous” “Polymorphous” got as low as 2. I was SO CLOSE. I kept trying and trying.  I think it took me 12 tries but then I DID IT!!!!!!

“Alacrity” “Billywhack”

The best part is- I just killed it.  It no longer is. The moment I hit publish, I will have taken “googlewhack” status away from my beautiful phrase. So suck it.


~ by Layla on October 2, 2012.

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