A Moment

It seems the last while, my biggest passion online is my Google Reader. I have like a bazillion blogs I follow lately.  Most of them are DIY ones. I so dig those. The recipes. The projects.  I keep a gossip blog and a fashion blog to stay up on what is going on and I have LifeHacker (of course).  Most times, I just scroll thru the headlines and only read 1 or 2 that catch my attention.

One thing that annoys the shit out of me is when my topical blogs go off course.  I don’t want to hear about how one of the cooking bloggers changed the oil in her car or another one took her dog to the vet.  If I’m reading you for your recipes, give me a fuckin’ recipe.  I realize that might be a little harsh of me when I talk about all kinds of different stuff. But the difference is, I’m not claiming to be any one specific thing.   Nor am I claiming this is a business I’m running.

A few weeks ago, I had to lose my favorite blog because she completely dropped her DIY theme about decorating and simply moaned about her impending divorce.  For like 2 weeks. You know, that’s sad and all, but her personal life was not why I was reading her.  Before I dropped her, I even tried a comment.  I was terribly unlike myself and really thought how to word it politely.  No, I wouldn’t tell my friends to “shut the fuck up about it and deal” after 2 weeks. But she isn’t my friend.  She is the online version of a store I was trying to shop in. I’d leave a real store, too, if the help were following me thru the aisles telling me how terrible their lives were.

I think that’s one of the things that makes me loathe Facebook so very much.  I don’t care.  I don’t want to hear about your problems and I really don’t want to hear about the minutiae of your day.  In fact, if you are one of the few people that I do care about what you are doing from minute to minute, I do not want to read about it on Facebook.

And seriously? Why do you think anyone cares that you are having a tuna sandwich, just mopped your kitchen floor, and that your dog just took a shit?    They don’t.  And those 3 things were actually not random things I made up in an attempt to make someone laugh.  I actually saw those 3 things as updates. And I hid every one of those 3 assclowns.

However- all that being said, I’m totally going to take a long luxurious bath in my own hipocricy as I share a moment from MY day.  Ok, normally, I am not interested in music when I wake up in the morning. I just want to do my thing as quickly as possible and get out the door to work.  But since I have had the same song in my head upon awakening for the last 3 days, I had to do something.

You remember Dirty Dancing? Remember the song they sing at the end of the camp? Yeah.  That’s the one.  “Join hearts and hands and voices~voices, hearts, and hands~ at Kellerman’s the friendships last long as the mountain stands.”  I don’t even want to get into what I might be dreaming of that makes me sing that mess. But I wake up, I find myself humming it, and by the time I’m in the shower, I’m full on wailing it.

This morning as soon as I wake up, I race to the computer to put something on.  I was singing “Numa Numa” within moments.  All is good.  I also know that is not the name of the song. But everyone is going to know what song I mean this way.   But see, this is not where the problem happened.  I went on with my business.

I can’t even tell you what else played before I left. I just remember that at one point before that first song was over, it struck me that at 6:30, everyone in my apartment complex might not appreciate that song. So I came back in to turn the volume down.  And then before I left, I came in with the intent of turning the music off.  I clicked something.. I’m not sure what. But the music did not stop.  So pretty much I just decided “Yeah, I don’t care. Perhaps the cats will enjoy music.”  That was the last thought I gave to this.  Well OK not quite… and this is key.

When I was driving downtown, I found that I was singing  “Rehab.” Yes. Amy Winehouse.  Ordinarily, not a song I dig too much. But hey? Sometimes anything is better than what has been stuck in your head.  So anyway.  Drive. The office. A shit ton of work.  Nice busy day.  Blah Blah Blah.

Fast forward to 5pmish.  Getting home.  The Royalty “greet” me demanding to be fed.  I do. And while I’m doing this to make the her of that duo shut the hell up, I notice the music on.  I also notice that “Rehab” is playing.  See? I keep everything dumped in just one massive playlist on Winamp.  So instead of jumping to the obvious conclusion immediately, I think “Wow. What are the odds of that song hitting again?”

Then it hits me. So I wander in here and click on “Recently Played.”  Yes.  This morning when I clicked “something,” I clearly had clicked “Repeat Song.” And it had.  According to Winamp, I played it 184 times in a row.

I wonder how much my neighbors hate me?


~ by Layla on October 26, 2012.

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