Dangerous Minds

I think stupid things all the time.  In fact, sometimes I amaze myself at the utter ridiculousness of things that I dwell on.  But sometimes, I both amuse and scare myself.

The other day, I had decided I needed a little break from the busy that was piled on my desk.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I left my music playing and damn near ran out of my office with just my ID, a lighter, and a cigarette.  I was already feeling better by the time the elevator arrived.

So by the time I hit the ground floor, I was just strolling along, flicking my badge and snapping it back like a remedial yo-yo.  It’s a gorgeous day outside and I start strolling as soon as I hit the sidewalk.  Smoking my cigarette and walking along without a care in the world.
When I reach the corner and turn around, my smoke is mostly done.  As I’m wondering back towards the building, I notice a couple of sheriff cars parked in the little alcove where the trucks back up to empty the trash.  This is where I stop understanding myself.
I find myself staring at one of the cars, and I “hear” myself think very clearly “I should get in that car.”   I am laughing by the time the thought was done but I also had to wonder where that thought came from. It was so calm and matter of fact. I don’t think that part of my head was joking.

I just quickly go back inside. By the time, I’m through security, I’m just shaking my head.   I guess for a split second, I just ….lost it.


~ by Layla on November 19, 2012.

One Response to “Dangerous Minds”

  1. crack ho!

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