Kids Say It

I never get tired of hearing the things kids just…say.  I got to musing on this today because with the holiday and a lack of school, a couple of the girls brought their children in today.

One of the girls, I will call her Frenchgirl, because of her amazing style and she just always has a bit of that vibe to her look, brought in her 8 year old son.  He was an adorable little boy.  My office mate had told me that he was there so later when I saw him, I knew who he was.  We passed on the stairs and I said “Hello. I’m Layla.”  He stopped, put out his hand and said “Hello. My name is George. I’m Frenchgirl Jones’ son…. and I read at a 5th grade level.”

My immediate thought was “….. well you are a pimp!”  ALL I SAID WAS “oh wow.. me too!”

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to talk to Dawgz.  I called her cell and she did not answer so I called the house.  Her 8 year old son answered.  He was so ultra polite that it sent me into Miss Manners mode, too.

“Hi. May I please speak with your mother for just a moment?”

“I’m sorry but she isn’t here. She is at work.”

“Oh…. well then, may I please speak with your father?”

“I’m sorry but that won’t be possible, either. He is drying some dishes.”

At that point, I was just STARING at my phone for a moment…

“Wellllll It’s kind of important, could we maybe give it a shot? ”

My last recent example was my niece.  I was at her birthday party a few months ago and she was wearing a pair of little jean shorts and my mom asked her if her mom had cut them off for her (in this instance, I could read my mom’s mind. and she disapproved of the length of them).  Without missing a beat, Niece answers “No Grandma, we bought them like this. I wear daisy dukes cuz I’m hot.”  I nearly spit out my mouthful of Diet Coke.

Endless laughs, man, Endless.



~ by Layla on November 21, 2012.

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