Embarrassing Moments

I was doing laundry tonight and one of the lead stories on the news and on Entertainment Tonight was that Anne Hathaway flashed the cameras getting out of her car.

“It’s sad that people published pics” No. What’s really sad is that you know people are taking pictures of you and you don’t take care when climbing out of a car. Be more careful or wear drawls. Period.

I had an embarrassing moment at work today. No, I did not show my vagina, but then again, my moment was 100 percent unintentional.

I was working on several things at the same time today when I got a phone call from The Space Bank. This is a storage facility that stores vehicles for us. They were calling me because our appraiser was removing one of the cars and they wanted to get something in writing from me for our file that we were aware of this. I agree to shoot them a quick fax and typed one out quickly to print on letterhead and sign it. I should have perhaps typed a wee bit slower.

I roll back to the fax machine and send it without thinking about it. I hear the beep, wait for the confirmation page, and grab it and my fax up, never having missed a beat. As I’m walking back, I pass The Boss. JUST as I glance down and realize that when I had typed the “TO” part, I had addressed it to “The Spank Bank.”

I could feel my eyes go wide, enough that she said .. “What?” “uhmm wanna see the most unfortunate typo ever?” She said “Yes,” so I turned the page around. LUCKILY, she laughed so hard she bent over.

*NOW* I find it amusing as hell.


~ by Layla on December 12, 2012.

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