Odds and Ends

SO- Today I am going to bitch a little.   I was helping W do some stuff so I was at his new office.  I’ve been there several times.  I was sat at W’s desk in his big comfortable chair doing what I was doing while he was across the room in his wife’s chair working at her desk.  We’re idly chatting along. Well…he was giving me hell cuz I missed my exit off the interstate coming out.

Pretty soon, the owner of the franchise rolls through and stops to chitchat a bit with W.  They are just having their conversation and I’m sat there still doing my thing.  Well, I had greeted Mr Real Estate when he popped in and he’s actually a very nice guy.  Pretty soon he looks over at me and is all like “Well YOUNG LADY have you found another job yet?”


So I just sort of raise my eyebrow and say “uhh..yeah.”  and bless his heart, W piped up all GRINNING AND PROUD OF ME  “OH SHE HAD HER NEW JOB THE DAY SHE LEFT ME!!!!! HER LAST DAY WAS FRIDAY AND SHE STARTED THE VERY NEXT MONDAY!”

Of course that left me all ❤ at W.  He’s such a sweet man. He was so covering up for Mr Real Estate’s clowntasm that I hardly had the will to think “A MUCH BETTER JOB FOR THAT MATTER.”

For the opposite of bitching- I got my birchbox today. It was so great. it had an eye cream, a dry shampoo, a travel atomizer, a blush, a perfume sample, and the odd thing, a 50 dollar off card for some site where you can rent designer clothing accessories.

As soon as I saw that card, I started laughing.  Mr. L and I watched “Boomerang” this past weekend and it made me remember the scene in the men’s clothing store with Eddie, Martin Lawrence, and David Allen Grier:  “What, does he think I’m gunna take this suit, stank it up to bejesus, and then try to give it back? ”   Because it made me think “this website is predicated on exactly that!!!!!”

While I pay a bit for my birchbox, I’ve rediscovered the thrill of combing the free stuff sites to find things I can get for free.  I am telling myself that the game is fun if I find one thing per day.  2 nights ago, I had a banner day.  I am going to get  herbal tea and Astroglide.   If they come on the same day, it could be an interesting evening!

Today was chock full of magic, actually. First, I went with a couple of the attorneys to a search. We went to four houses and each of them from the outside were little. Just these teeny tiny houses, right? I was videotaping so I went in first.  And I just kept walking back into one room after another. One house was so deceptively big, I was thinking both “House of Leaves” and “Jesus, if I hit the back door and go out of it, I swear I’ll be in Narnia.”

After the searches, we went to this Vietnamese restaurant and had the most amazing pho.  It was crazy.  A full half hour of munching later, and I still had a ridiculous quantity of noodles in my bowl. It wasn’t just that I “ate til I got full. I ate ’til I got tired.”  On the way back to the office, I said I felt sure we had witnessed the miracle of the fish and loaves of bread in noodle form.  Either that, or one of them was dropping piles of noodles in my bowl while I wasn’t looking!



~ by Layla on December 13, 2012.

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