Food Blogs Are Irksome

A few minutes ago, I was sat here watching an old episode of Law and Order and sipping a glass of chianti.  I suddenly felt like writing but I didn’t have anything in particular on my mind that I just *had* to talk about.

Generally, those kind of evenings just turn into a random mishmash of bitchings and pointless ramblings.  One thing that mildly irritated me yesterday when I was catching up on my Google Reader (or whatever the hell it is called);  I saw several of my similarly themed blogs with an identical post …

This big rambling pretty mess about how in light of the school shooting,  they wanted to focus on their family and not post over the weekend so .. they weren’t gunna post. I get the sentiment.  So, don’t fuckin’ post.

But instead, we were given this big explanation thing, like every one of us would simply shut down from anxiety without a cookie recipe from…them.  Get over yourself, I think most of us will be able to struggle through 48 hours with out an update

I kind of felt like those people were just taking a shortcut to keep their weekly quota.  If you’re not going to post to spend time with your family, great, do that. But if you’re going to actually post something, make a real entry.  Cuz you kind of …did post, actually.

Since I’m talking about blogging, I got a great spam today.  I’m thinking of letting the comment stay.

Some times its a discomfort within the ass to read what weblog owners wrote but this internet web site is rattling user friendly…

A DISCOMFORT WITHIN THE ASS! That’s just brilliant! I love that phrasing more than I could ever explain.

Perhaps I am just growing bored with that genre of blog.  I do dig some of the shit, but often you have to wade thru both the abysmal “writing” of the blogger or/and (generally both) that infernal holier than thou attitude.  More than a few of my “go to” blogs have authors that I find incredibly distasteful.

Tonight I was surfing around on “Serious Eats” and one of the articles was “tell us about unforgivable ignorance” or some shit.  I read some of the comments, cuz everyone knows I’m a sucker for the comment sections.  But most of these were particularly eyerolly.

Most of the people crowing the loudest about the stupidity of their friend, their coworker, their husband, didn’t seem at all concerned they were defying the laws of time and spelling (,punctuation, and grammar).  It’s super bad form to write about how stupid someone else is when the writer can’t form a simple sentence coherently.

Told you.  Clearly tonight, I felt like bitching.



~ by Layla on December 18, 2012.

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