Yesterday, I was chatting with a coworker about our respective trips to Australia.  This and that.. and then she asked me if I had ever stayed at a hostel. Before I could say “No,” I thought of that commercial.  And I started giggling.  I asked her a question and I could not focus on her answer because I was still laughing about the “Techno Twins.”  I tried to explain why I could not stop laughing, but it was kind of pointless. Since my explanation was bad and laugh- punctuated.

We did not stay at a hostel.  When I was telling Mr. L about the conversation, his comment was  “hostels are for broke-ass backpackers who can’t afford it.  On the upside, they do not have nightclubs downstairs on weekends.”

And he is so very correct.  The hotel we stayed at, The Citiclub, DID have a nightclub downstairs.  It was insane.  “Oomph..Oomph…Ooomph”  til some ungodly hour like 4 am.  I also have this memory of one song …it seemed played for hours on end.. but the line I hear in my head is “Baby, you’re a ….” I have no idea what her baby is.. but she sang that about 11 bajillion times.

Due to CQ nightclub being open on Friday, Saturday nights and Public Holiday Eves, our rooms will be subject to highly elevated noise levels

I swear the line read “SLIGHTLY” when we were booking our hotel.  So … perhaps we would have spent the weekends better with just the Techno Twins.  We had the ….Techno Tribe to contend with.  At times, it was painful.


~ by Layla on December 21, 2012.

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