Put Another Dime…

I had a weird moment today. I guess you’d call it  “Where Flashback Meets Reality”    I’m very loyal. So even with songs that I know are dumb, if I *loved* them when I was younger, I usually haven’t lost my lovin’ feeling for them.

“I Love Rock and Roll” is one of those songs.  I don’t ever seek it out, but if the song is playing and the choice is mine, I leave it.  I also tend to find myself wailing along to it.  I am amazed when I think how old that song is.  The big hit version of that was in 1981.. so 31 years.

When I think of it, I always remember being in like first grade and 4 of the “big girls” that lived on my street (they were in the 5th grade) did a thing in the end of the school year “Talent Show.”  Yes, that was absolutely in finger-quotes.

They wore leotards and did some dance to it. I remember *then* admiring that whole thing and nothing could have been cooler than those 3.   I always sort of think of that though when I hear that song.   That’s really all I have ever thought about when I hear that song, though. Except the occasional muse that “I don’t think I ever remember the jukebox being a DIME.”

Wait. That’s not totally true.  And the fact that it isn’t true, is why I had the moment I’m sharing.  See, the other thing that kind of stuck with me was the line about “saw him standing there by the record machine~knew he musta been about Seventeen…”   I can remember being 9 or 10 and being *into* that song and thinking  “OH WOW.. IMAGINE THAT.. SEVENTEEN”  And aspiring to BE that age because .. could anything ever be cooler?

Here is the thing:  I don’t think I ever consciously thought that as I’ve grown up. But I don’t remember ever actually *losing* that thought, you know?  So today, the song was starting as I’m restlessly pounding buttons on the stereo driving home.   I hear it start and of course I leave it.  I find myself singing along, of course.

When I hear that line, today, I stop singing. Because a very obvious truth hit me:   “Yeah. You see him over there by the record machine.. and you GO TO JAIL if you fuck with him .. ”

Wow. I’ve past Seventeen.


~ by Layla on January 10, 2013.

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