Imaginary Girlfriend

People Who Don’t Actually Exist

It would seem the story is that Manti Te’o announced his girlfriend died of cancer and then not long after, it was discovered she never really existed.  And now the internet is crawling with photos of Te’oing.   Behold:

Imaginary Girlfriends

The story is so bizarre. At this point, all one can do is conjecture. It seems he lied about meeting her in person. Actually, I can imagine that. He didn’t want to admit that his internet girlfriend was only that. I want to believe that he had no idea he was ‘chatting’ with someone that never actually existed. It would suck that he got caught up in someone’s weird game, but I think it would be less bizarre for it to be that than just *he* made up the girlfriend. I get that it’s only a small step since it appears he made up a lot of stuff that allegedly happened in real life.

If this is what we’re doing now, I think I’m going to get myself an imaginary EX-girlfriend. I love the idea that I have a ready source of dramatastic stories when ever I need them.

I’m going to have her be hot. She will be *crazy*.. like perhaps I will have her be latina. I need to work on the “Why We Broke Up” part but I bet I could invent a really good story. However, I’m not motivated with this idea enough to want to get like a twitter for her. Hell, I don’t even tweet for myself, let alone this crazy bitch. Perhaps her name will be exotic like .. Mercedes?


~ by Layla on January 18, 2013.

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