Discerning Tastes

One of the things I’m working on lately is mobile home research.   See, we had a ward who we believed had two.  Then we found out that one was demolished.  I was tasked to drive out and verify that it was gone.  One down and one to go.   Then we found out that the second one had been in the process of being sold to someone.

My jobs were to find the sale documents to verify the sale and also lay eyes on it because the tax records say it still belonged to our person.  So a couple of months ago, armed with GoogleMap, I did slide out to the other side of the world.  Ok, it was really in the next county but ours is *huge*, so it felt longer than just that.

I had been told by the woman whom I spoke to at the trailer park before I went that it was old and tired and worn out.  I got out there and it looked…….pretty good to me.  I came back to work extolling the virtues of this HILTON OF PREFABRICATED HOMES.  It was fenced, with a deck, patio, bay window,  all the amenities I could imagine hooked to a trailer.

I was unsuccessful in securing the titles to this mobile home without the VIN number, so in order to get it, I called my lady again.  She provided it with bits of other helpful information, so we were soon chitchatting and she happened to mention how skeezy this trailer was.

I immediately started doubting my sense of direction. “Wait.  DID I GO TO THE WRONG PLACE?”  she tells me the address and “No, that’s right, that’s where I went.  Fenced, deck, bay window?”  “Yes. that’s the place.”   I’m crestfallen.   “I thought it was really nice.”

When I was telling the staff attorney assigned to this case about all of this, her comment was  “well Layla, evidently, your standards in mobile homes are very low.”

~ by Layla on January 24, 2013.

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