So Awkward

This is unprecedented.  Two posts in one day.  However, as I hit “publish” on the first one, I remembered something that I had told myself earlier I should make sure I jotted down.

Today in a meeting at work, a local strip joint came up.  A legendary local strip joint, though in actuality, you might call it more “notorious” than “legendary,” to be truthful.  We’ll call this place “dirty nasty strippers R us.”  I don’t even remember the context of the conversation because as soon as the name came up, I recalled one of my more awkward moments in life.

Once, at the casino, I was sitting in the smoking break room with a couple of coworkers. We were hanging out talking about just the normal pointless bullshit that people talk about.  It was a guy, a girl, and myself. Now I remember myself as being iffy on the girl, but she was dating one of my friends so I had to be nice and I really liked the guy. He was nice.

So the girl starts bitching that she was going to be alone that weekend because her boyfriend was at some bachelor party *thing*.  Just blah blah blah and she was not happy about this because there were going to be lots of strippers and IT COULD JUST BE TERRIBLE. Now, the guy was just “awww, there there”-ing her as I just pretty much sat there and tuned out her whining.  But pretty soon, I guess I felt obligated to contribute *something* to the conversation because I was like  “….well where are they going?”

“DNS-R-Us”  the girl was almost in tears as she shared that tidbit.

Well then I could immediately be helpful.  “Oh! Well in that case, you have nothing to worry about. Have you ever SEEN those bitches?  Just completely “rode hard and put away wet.” Every one of them.”

Which by the way, I was (and still am) always thrilled to get to work that phrase into a conversation.  It was one of those things I overheard my father say once when he didn’t think I was listening.  (I was always listening. Cuz he never said anything *interesting* when I was in earshot.)

So ok.. Back to my story.  Well, I no more than say that when the girl visibly cheered right up. I was leaning back in my chair,  satisfied at a job well done when the guy sat up completely straight in his chair.  ALL KINDS OF OFFENDED.   “………………………………my WIFE worked there as a stripper. THAT’S WHERE WE MET.”

“…………………..oh wow.. well, now, this is awkward.”



~ by Layla on April 24, 2013.

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