Living The Game

This morning I was walking down to my parking lot to my car. I was admittedly off in my own world thinking my thoughts. One of the thoughts was that I had neglected to bring a small bag of trash I had meant to take to my the closest dumpster.  As I walked towards my car that was away from the dumpster, I heard something ominous.

I stopped and slowly glanced back. I was looking down as my glance moved across, because admittedly I was thinking “raccoon or rat or something I do not want to see, anyway.” I do have a tendency to rush into a scenario that isn’t best case. It didn’t even occur to me it might have been a cat or a dog. I mean, seriously, a cat messing in trash????

Thing is, when I got to looking, I saw hooves.  So I stop and turn around fully with my jaw hanging on the ground.   There are TWO (in my mind) HUGE deer messing with the trash in the dumpster.

Dawntreader Elk

Truthfully, the two deer in question were sort of giving me the same look. Now that’s what happened outside of my head. On the inside, I was all scanning the parking lot frantically, looking for the wizard.

Yes, I said “wizard.”  For a split second, I had wandered into a game of Magic, The Gathering.   I was really afraid for a second because what the hell was I going to do when they both attacked me in just a moment.  And of course they were going to attack me.  Why wouldn’t they?

After a moment, I remembered it was just a game, cautioned myself that perhaps I was playing with the cards a little too much, and got in my car.  When I started it, one of the deer flipped out and flew up in the air to jump up on a retaining wall and then fly over the fence.  He, of course, left his partner in crime to keep staring at me. Although, truthfully, now he was the one the one that looked terrified.

As I pulled the car out and drove toward him, he starts running. Now I’m “chasing” the deer in my car. I moved slowly and eventually he hit where he could turn into someone’s yard.  That was just too, too, WAY TOO MUCH wildlife for me.


~ by Layla on May 1, 2013.

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