Music That Makes The Baby Jesus Cry

Most of the time, I have pretty good taste in music.  I realize I’m offering an opinion about myself and I also realize that I can name people who would disagree with me.   To that, all I have to say is  “….”

I could easily say that most of the music I really like is empirically good music.  Even if it isn’t to everyone else’s taste.  I’m not even going to get into examples of that because that isn’t what this one is about.    And frankly, I’m not interested in having that shit be judged.

This post is about something else.  This one is about that other music.  The music I’m ashamed of.  A lot of people would call that “guilty pleasure” music.  Everyone has some of that.  Here’s the thing though: I’m not even a little bit ashamed of my guilty pleasure music.

I’ll shout it to the world.  Yes, there are some Britney Spears songs I love.  Dirty, misogynistic rap just makes me happy.  I have a soft spot for boy bands.  And omg, I *LOVE* Beyonce.  I am even fine with a few things that perhaps SHOULD make me ashamed.  The example that comes to mind first: Vanilla Ice, “Ice Ice Baby.”  Yep. Love it. Don’t care.

It actually puzzles me how I can be *there*, yet there are a few things that I do not really dig people knowing about.   The first of those things that come to mind is Katy Perry’s  “E.T.”  Yeah. Love it.  But it embarrasses the hell out of me.  Like, I’ll always shut it off if I think other people are within ear shot.

I often stroll into my mom’s house with my phone blaring whatever I happened to be listening.  I start giggling every time I remember the time I rolled in playing “Step Yo Game Up.”  Her eyes got *really* big.   My music playing carelessly is what she’s used to so when she entered the kitchen as I came into her house fumbling to quickly turn off my phone. She immediately got super suspicious:


“uhm……………………..I don’t wanna say.”

“Oh.  Now you’re totally going to.”


“…What’s that?”

“Katy Perry and Kanye”

“…………………………………….yeah.  You *ought* to be ashamed.”

I’m not sure what it is about some “bad music” that makes it ok and other “bad music” that isn’t ok.   I just know that I ought to think the latter sucks.  I absolutely do.  But I love it anyway.

I don’t mean to end this on a threatening note…Ok, yes, I do:  most of you whom I know that are reading this:  Don’t even try to judge me.  Don’t forget, I know your secrets, too.


~ by Layla on May 17, 2013.

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