Recreational Stalking

Or you could be coy and call it  “Being Interested In Your Friends’ Lives.”  Either way, I bet most do it.  I loathe everything about Facebook, yet I’m guilty of it from time to time.

I will admit, I cruise around looking at strangers’ pages. Sometimes they have their shit locked down like Fort Knox and that never ceases to make me eyeroll. “Yeah, cuz NO ONE but special people can know you had green beans with your dinner.”  Other times, they have *everything* on display and you kind of wish they would have hid it.

Oddly, I hardly ever even look for coworkers on Facebook.  I won’t say I haven’t ever.  Cuz there are a few. But often, I guess I get enough of them from 9-5.

Sure this is short, but I have run out of things to say on this topic.  Just this:  next time you are bored, randomly pull up a FB friend and start clicking around on their friends. You’ll be amazed at what you find.


~ by Layla on May 22, 2013.

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