Lunch With The Girls

It’s very handy to get paid every other Friday.  I do.  So you always know what is going to happen.  One weekend you have cash, one you do not.   One week you turn in time sheets, the next you get paid.  The best part of this, though, is that we go to lunch.  Not to say we never go to lunch on the off Friday, but payday Friday is almost a given.

Sometimes we don’t do much.  We grab Subway or JimmyJohns.  Other days, we try to leave early and beat the rush to go one of the cool restaurants that are within walking distance to us.

Most of the time, it’s a pretty exclusive threesome.  Myself, the paralegal, and The Boss’s secretary.  Today was special.  The Boss, in all her wonderfulness, told us we could leave at 1:30ish for the holiday.  It was fantastic.  We immediately started making late lunch plans.

Openly discussing margaritas, the new staff attorney looked very interested, so we told her “oh you should come!”  So she did.   Unfortunately, the margaritas were no good.  Only one of us got one.  She claimed it tasted like an amaretto sour.  At that point, I had to taste it.  I did not think it did, but I didn’t find it good, either.   I might have but I was quite late arriving, due to a bit of unforeseen retardation on my own part.

Be that as it may,  it was a blast.  Most days I bring my lunch.  But every couple of weeks or so, I enjoy splurging a tiny bit and hanging out with my friends for a little bit, rather than eating something at my desk while I browse thru that day’s Feedly.  Some people in my office almost never go out.  Which I think is a shame.  We work downtown.  It’s awesome to get to take advantage of that occasionally.


~ by Layla on May 24, 2013.

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