“I’ll Be There For You”

Friends…And Cookies

Peabody has one of my favorite blogs. She has delicious recipes, yet.. she manages to *say* something, too.  And not in that nasty little “holier than thou” way that so many other bloggers have. This post was about cookies and people she’d want as friends. The cookies…well didn’t do a lot for me, because I’m not a big fan of cherries. However, I did tuck it aside cuz I’m fairly certain Mr. L would be all over them.

However, I did not start typing tonight to chatter about her cookies. Her thing about friends got me thinking about that whole topic. The people who are my friends, and those people who at some point might become them.  I don’t know that I could make a list of things I look for in people to be my friend, nor could I do a list about things I “do not look for” in friends.

Not to say I do not have standards in people. I just find that occasionally someone who I could think “yeah.. there is no way”  ends up being so amazing that I can’t not try to get to know them some.  I have a couple of friends that often leave me reeling with  “………..I can’t believe I dig you.”

I guess I’m not surprised.  As I think through the list of people I would actually count as friends, I see how different each of them are.  To be trite and end this partially on a “foodie” note as well, I guess I’d have to say all of those people each bring something very different to the table.


~ by Layla on June 18, 2013.

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