Not My Day…

Today was just one of *those* days.   If it could go wrong, it went.

I got lost a block from where I wanted to be.  To make matters worse, I had to pull out the smug hooker I hate.  Yes, the snooty voice that navigates on my Droid.   I know she judges me.  I can hear it in her voice: “TURN YOUR HEAD, YOU IGNORANT BITCH, AND LOOK TO THE RIGHT AND YOU WILL SEE WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE!”  She didn’t say that.  I would probably like her better if she just came right out and said it just like that.  I feel sometimes she gives me directions very passive aggressively.   Instead of “You didn’t do what I asked so now I have to direct you differently,”  she says  “Reconfiguring a new route…”

My boss asked me for a document and I misunderstood what he meant.  I thought he wanted one from like 5 years ago.  So I call this poor lady up and (I succeeded, though) and talk her into sending me *that* one.  When I told him all proudly I had got it, he was just like “Why would I care about what happened *then*?”

I also had 2 incredibly near misses, car wise.  The first one.  I am watching behind me to change lanes.  I have my blinkers on and I glance into the side view mirror.  And the idiot behind me in a truck had sped up and changed lanes ahead of me. So as I start to pull into the space where he is now occupied, I have to weave back into my lane.

Ten minutes later, I’m coming up to an interchange.  There are 2 right hand lane exits.  I am in the nearer right hand lane, just minding my business getting ready to change highways.   The car next to me in the far right lane..suddenly speeds up and pulls in front of me to jump into the lane on my left.  Evidently he chose to NOT get off that particular interstate.  Glad he decided since he’d been in the exit lane for a quarter of a mile!

I also fell down!  That’s probably the worst part.  I was walking down some marble stairs outside and I trip. On something. Not sure what, I just grabbed the hand rail and kept falling.  Skinned both of my shins raw and bloodied both knees.  One shin really hurt! I actually wasn’t sure if I was hurt worse than I was until someone across the street screams “HEY! ARE YOU OK?” and my first thought was “OH SHIT! SOMEONE SAW!”  Clearly, the worst injury was to my pride.

As I glance back over my whine list,  I guess I could be all pollyanna  and mouth off about “well, all of these could be a lot worse than they were.”   And they could have been.   But I’m not.  Today I feel like whining a little.


~ by Layla on June 19, 2013.

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