Catching Up

Lately, I haven’t posted much because if I have time, I’m normally reading my feedly.  SO MUCH BETTER THAN GOOGLE READER, if I’m to be honest.  Most of the time, I read the threads pretty half-assedly, but occasionally a few get my full attention.

One yesterday, absolutely got my attention.  It was about me.  I felt like a rock star.  Yeah, it was in no way complimentary.   But hey? What’s worse than bad publicity? No publicity.   How could one not be flattered that someone that hasn’t figured into my life in years and years is still so focused on me that I get a whole blog entry?  I won’t say I haven’t thought of her.  When ever i glance at her diatribes, I always think of her and think “Wow. I can’t believe how obsessed she still is” and then I go on about my day.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s creepy (and sad).  But I guess I have to figure if she needs to hate people in order to get through her day, more power to her.  I’m glad she says she has accomplished a lot.  I feel a little sad for her that all the good things in her life are still tempered by the bad feelings she harbors for people that are so far removed from her life.   She keeps posting and yeah, i admit it, I keep waiting for her to move on fully.   I hope she gets there.

In other news, I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I spent over 20 minutes this morning discussing last night’s VMAs.   Talk about regressing to the past.  One of the staff attorneys’ had a life altering moment with Nsync and the radio on my way downtown compared Miley Cyrus to Janet at the Super Bowl.

It was like high school for a few minutes.   I remember the VMA ceremony (before I quit watching awards shows)  when Janet Jackson did “Black Cat”  and ripped her white blouse off to a sports bra and my mother was *scandalized*.   Actually, the reason I remember that particular one was my youngest brother had a puppy that somehow managed to pierce his eyelid with a wire sticking out under an arm chair.  Luckily, Janet had finished her performance.  No, it was never boring at my house .

I have sort of made a liar of myself lately.  No No, nothing earth shattering.  I just have always claimed to not be a big fan of popcorn.  I have had a total conversion.   I think it’s largely about the amount of popcorn that one can have as a snack for so few calories.   I spray it with cooking spray and season it a million different ways and it’s so good.  I had an ancient upright air popper.  But it did not have an on/off switch.  I wanted popcorn a lot but I had to give myself a motivational speech to use said popper because it always sparked a bit when I pulled the plug.

Luckily, Mr. L to the rescue!  He got me a new one.  WITH A POWER SWITCH. Yes, I know: Fancy!  Now I can have popcorn often without fear of like….dying.  I can save my neurotic fears for something much more productive.  Like the blister on my toe from crappy socks at the gym today.   It’s popped.  (See what i did there?)  And I’m mid-worry that this might be the thing that makes me shake off my mortal coil.

That will have to do for now.  A little Layla Minutiae to tide you over until I next decide to update this!  Oh one last bit-  I’m watching Good Wife again know prepping for the coming season!

~ by Layla on August 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. Open letter to the moth:

    Stumbling across a blog dedicated to people I am familiar with was pretty much an accident, one of those twisted, gory, don’t-want to-look but can’t-quite turn-away accidents. Wish I weren’t so good at putting 2 and 2 together sometimes, but such is life.

    I’ll admit. I am an avid link surfer. Once I get started, I go on and on reading and reading.

    I always find it interesting to be privy to the thoughts of people while they are working on convincing themselves of their wanted take on reality.

    Especially when there’s supposedly so much success and blessing for them to be giddy over. Sort of just underlines exactly how important their supposed worthless subject really is.

    I could have been convinced, regarding an introspection…reflecting on the past, etc. But I know, as do most balanced people, were one really feeling the effects of happiness…one wouldn’t have to talk anyone down.

    It would have ran more along the lines of merely satisfying curiosity and would not have held even a fraction of the emotional investment that it obviously still does.

    Makes me think of my dad. Omfg, it took him…20-ish years AFTER the divorce and his remarriage and mom’s remarriage to stop trying to talk shit to me about her.

    It’s still a competition. And obviously resentment over losing it *still* figures prominently. One of those “Hurry up and tell me what went wrong so I can feel better about myself” types of prominence.

    I can only imagine how calmly this entry seemed to feel when it was started. So in control of one’s shit. So past all of the drama. Didn’t take long for that little house of cards to begin smouldering. And it’s a long, deep, slow burn. Pulse jumping, breath catching kind of burn.

    By the end it was once more burning brightly, though one didn’t stop trying to give the illusion of pouring water over it. Kinda makes *me* hot, but then I can be a sadistic bitch.

    And why the hell do most of the psychos end up in law enforcement anyway?

    Anyway, I can fully appreciate such inner workings. They’re morbidly fascinating. Thank you for being so open with them and allowing others a glimpse into the inner turmoil you are facing.


    As for the popcorn. Oh hells yeah. Needs a Dr. Seuss book about it, imo.

    VMAs. I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop laughing over Miley. It was brilliant. Like, I don’t even think she could fathom how brilliant. How long has the “from Disney princess to mainstream sanctioned harlot” scenario played out over the years, often ending up with these people on prime time Disney for little kids to emulate?

    • I did not watch the VMAs but I did look up Nsync’s performance. One of my coworkers Friday..*runs* in and was all “OMG DID YOU HEAR? NSYNC IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!!” (not a trace of irony, btw)

      so today. she was all “I was a ttl 12 year old girl about it”
      me: “was it good?”
      her: “Omg Layla. I cried a little”

      i watched. No tears. but i smiled. 😛

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