Annoying Words

The other morning, the morning radio station I tend to listen to when I drive were talking about “The Most Annoying Words of 2013.”
I don’t know about just 2013.   Some words bugged me before this past year and I have a feeling they will keep irritating me.   I surfed around (as I do) a little before I started typing and some words seem to make it onto most of those lists.  I am not certain I agree with all of their choices.   Among several sites,  “whatever” tops the list as the most annoying phrase.

Actually, “whatever”  does not always annoy me.  I am not disputing that it is rude and dismissive, but sometimes that is the exact tone one is going for.   In those cases, “whatever” is an absolute go to.

These same articles did not like filler words.  “Like,” “uhm,” those kind of things.  I can’t really say too much about being annoyed because I know I can be guilty of them quite often.  They really don’t annoy me unless the bulk of the “thought” being conveyed is doubled by filler words.

The word that puzzles me the most that seems to be hated by other people is “selfie.”  I don’t get it.  I don’t think it’s a great word, by any means, but it leaves no room for mistaking what it is defining.  I couldn’t care less, even though I do not think I use it.

My Own Choices:

“YOLO.”  Every time.  In fact, I’d happily faceshovel any one who used it.  You only live once.   So without a doubt,  one should be as fucktarded as one absolutely can.

“Obviously” tends to annoy me because, often, the only obvious part of the thought was the utter stupidity of it.

Actually, any single word/phrase can probably do it. When its repeated 97 eleven times in an hour.  Yes.  That was a funny phrase.  I laughed when I heard So&So say it on YouTube.  It’s 100 times less funny now that you have said it 48 times in the last ten minutes.


~ by Layla on January 9, 2014.

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