Odds & Ends

Why, Jesus?

That is too many shades of awesome to count.


That is my new best friend. We spend all of our time together.


That isn’t me. BUT IT COULD BE. I’m living a frizzed life, atm. Ok, perhaps NOT -that- frizzy, but….

I’m no less busy than I have been lately, but I was starting to feel like I was never going to sit here and type again. I just haven’t had a lot to say that could go here.

That being said, I did find myself caught up in a very engaging daydream yesterday. It was so real, I didn’t realize at first I was having the little mental movie. I met Madonna. I have no idea why I was thinking about that.

Another bit to share, perhaps to explain ahead of time why my posting will be sporadic (more so than normal), is that assuming we have no clowntasms, Mr. L should be able to get moved in the next 2 months.

The next thought I have for you today is this: check expiration dates. Even when you are relatively certain. Food poisoning is not fun. I managed to do that a couple of weeks ago. It’s really not funny to me, yet. But ….

See, all that drama happened right around lunch time. About 20 minutes after I ate my sandwich. The thing that is a little funny, though, is that that morning, I had been having a different health crisis.

Kitty had scratched me the night before. Accidentally. Because I was toting him with me into the bedroom and he *really* does not like to be carried. He had been trying to get away and one of his back claws had snagged my forearm pretty good. So I had spent a good part of the morning checking that for ..yes, INFECTION.

It’s not that the fear lies with the infection. It’s a “bigger picture” issue with me. For me, the terror is the amputation that is directly related to the infection.

The thing is when the bad turkey took center stage, I did not give a fuck about my scratched arm. I thought I was going to die of this…and honestly? I didn’t care very much.

And finally, I realized today that I long to visit Chicago again. Specifically, the awesome store in Chinatown that has the amazing fake designer bags. I want a Birkin.

Hermes Birkin

I don’t, however, want to pay 13,000 for a purse. SO YES. I ABSOLUTELY WILL pay 29.00 for a knockoff!

It made me laugh that I said that as if I had $13,000 just sitting around, not earmarked for anything else.


~ by Layla on March 27, 2014.

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