Musical Angst

(4:19:44 PM) Sarah who did the ghostbusters theme?

(4:19:53 PM) Layla ray parker jr

(4:20:30 PM) Sarah thanks

(4:51:34 PM) Sarah im doing the most recorded classical composers quiz on sporcle

(4:51:44 PM) Sarah i feel like i should demand a refund on my college tuition

(4:51:57 PM) Layla and.. Ray Parker Jr figured into that?

(4:52:13 PM) Sarah no that was a few quizzes ago

(4:52:23 PM) Sarah im at 28 of 100

(4:52:36 PM) Layla oh kk. i was going to say “yes. i will absolutely help you write a letter demanding your money back”

(4:56:02 PM) Sarah im at 30… with like 4 minutes left

(4:56:17 PM) Sarah …. it’s embarrassing. i know i’m going to miss somebody super obvious and want to shoot myself

(4:56:26 PM) Layla lol

(5:11:08 PM) Sarah i got 40

(5:11:21 PM) Layla so you.. failed.
(5:11:31 PM) Sarah and missed a few embarrassing ones… ravel and berlioz are the main two i’m like “jesus” over

(5:11:57 PM) Layla how does one miss ravel? i’m assuming they played bolero? since no one in the world knows anything but that

(5:13:41 PM) Sarah there isn’t music

(5:13:46 PM) Sarah it’s just 100 slots and you type in names

(5:13:50 PM) Sarah music would make it easier

(5:13:51 PM) Layla berlioz had great hair. and his death march is amazing

(5:13:59 PM) Sarah this is just coming up with names on your own

(5:13:59 PM) Layla oh . i thought you listened to music and named the composer

(5:14:13 PM) Sarah no. i was trying to go through all of my rep but a lot of them werent on it

(5:14:16 PM) Sarah like menotti or weill

(5:14:25 PM) Layla ohhhhh

(5:14:47 PM) Layla link me

(5:14:56 PM) Sarah

(5:20:37 PM) Sarah i did better on the 90s song one

(5:25:26 PM) Layla i only got 38

(5:25:28 PM) Layla lmao

(5:25:41 PM) Layla that IS hard to just randomly throw up composers

(5:25:52 PM) Layla i did not even get the TOP 5

(5:26:07 PM) Layla because firstly, who the fuck would think SCHUBERT had more shit than Vivaldi
(5:26:12 PM) Sarah i got like the top 27 except ravel lol but some are not where you expect them

(5:26:27 PM) Sarah and i tried going through my rep to get composers.. and it didn’t help because like ten of them weren’t on it

(5:26:43 PM) Sarah and then i tried like “french” “new school” “the russian five” and not all of those were either

(5:26:53 PM) Sarah it’s hard lol

(5:28:25 PM) Layla i was just randomly adding composers. and then i clicked on COMPOSERS and i decided it wasn’t ACTUALLY cheating if i looked at a piece and had to know who composed it in order to get the composer’s name. since that actually required a lil thought

(5:28:48 PM) Layla AND -from that?

(5:28:55 PM) Layla i would not have thought to add Aaron Copland

(5:29:04 PM) Sarah right?

(5:29:13 PM) Sarah i missed bernstein too

(5:29:32 PM) Layla yeah i wouldnt have thought about him, either, and now i look at those 100

(5:30:13 PM) Layla and i think “fuck you and this test, sporkle, cuz i’d hafta go thru carefully but i could probably hum a tune of NEARLY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE COMPOSERS so don’t try to make me feel inadequate”

(5:32:07 PM) Layla ok. Shostakovich – BUT “fuck that guy. he was one of those modernist atonal motherfuckers who HATED tunes”

(5:32:09 PM) Sarah it’s hard because there is no frame of reference

(5:32:28 PM) Sarah well and there are a lot of famous composers that totally arent on there either

(5:32:33 PM) Sarah so it’s just hard lol

(5:38:13 PM) Sarah i’m doing operas in one sentence now..or i was until one of them was like “they fall in love. he dies, she kills herself”

(5:38:17 PM) Sarah that’s….every opera

(5:38:28 PM) Layla oh link me?

(5:38:37 PM) Layla i’m having a lazy day. lol

(5:38:45 PM) Sarah

(5:39:27 PM) Sarah it’s also annoying to me because some are in english and some are in the original language

(5:41:51 PM) Sarah i got 11

(5:42:42 PM) Sarah like.. who puts Götterdämmerung on a list…. who can spell that just on their own… i studied opera and it took me like three tries

(5:43:46 PM) Layla i got six. and i’m not sad cuz some of those i’d never heard of. so i don’t feel i did too bad

(5:43:57 PM) Sarah no. it’s a dumb list

(5:44:18 PM) Layla well like Otello took me a million tries cuz i was all “I KNOW WHAT THIS FUCKING STORY IS”
(5:44:27 PM) Layla honestly? i kept trying and i think i typo’ed into it

(5:44:30 PM) Sarah lol

(5:44:32 PM) Layla lol

(5:46:07 PM) Sarah this is more like what the composers quiz should have been like… frame of reference

(5:46:11 PM) Sarah

(5:47:12 PM) Sarah it gets hard after a while though

(5:50:10 PM) Layla i just did the ‘famous composers of well known works” i got 18 of 20 in like 2 and a half minutes. i just gave up cuz the other 2 .. i just didn’t know.

(5:50:21 PM) Sarah link me?

(5:50:31 PM) Layla

(5:50:32 PM) Sarah this one got hard and i’m over it

(5:56:06 PM) Sarah oh i thought it was going to be music clips

(5:56:29 PM) Layla no. lol just the titles

(5:57:54 PM) Sarah im going to do a clip one .. not necessarily classical

(5:57:57 PM) Sarah to make me feel better about myself

(5:58:37 PM) Layla yeah, that was that last one i linked you. i felt good about myself again. 🙂

I felt like sharing and perhaps not so much with the writing..


~ by Layla on March 31, 2014.

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