For you long time readers, remember how I had a whole era when I was unable to not mention my convenience store?  It would almost appear that I’ve moved into a new one.  Sex and the City.

I just finished the episode in the 5th season where Carrie dedicates her first book to Charlotte.  It made me mist up a little.  It was so sweet, yes, I want a book dedicated to me.

Here is the problem:  I only have 1 friend that is an author.  I feel it would be a tad awkward to jump on Facebook and like …just outright ask him to do it.    He also doesn’t really write the books that lend themselves well to dedications.  Alas.

I find myself sitting here wondering if I have any friends, that with my encouragement, COULD (and more importantly, WOULD) write a book to be dedicated to me.

If I ever wrote a book, I couldn’t very well dedicate it to myself.  I wonder, though, if a ghost writer wrote it, would that be acceptable?


~ by Layla on April 6, 2014.

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