It Was So Monday


Today.  Ugh.   It started driving into the office and hearing on the radio they are going to do a sequel to The Goonies.  Really?  I’m sure a bunch of middle-aged guys …..Yeah, I don’t remember what that was even about.  The movie, I meant.   But then again, The Expendables made a buck so why shouldn’t the Goonies?  WHAT WAS THAT?

At first, still driving, I thought it was the thing with the little bears that become demons when they get wet.  But then I remembered that was “Gremlins.”  I have to admit, I have no idea.  I know, I know, Google is my friend.   But I can’t say I have enough “give a damn” at the moment to look it up.

Kitty Eyes

Speaking of looking.. I had only meant to take a picture of Renee’s Doll. But I couldn’t resist the shot of him so sad that we have to put up with such ridiculousness. I’ve mentioned it before and whilst typing just now, Renee had an exhibition of said doll.

The Doll

Does it seem like a horrid, nasty little thing? It is. Its mangled and gang raped. I step on it accidentally nearly every day. Most mornings, I wake up with that in bed with me. She loves it. She’s constantly toting it around. And when she is carrying it, she needs everyone to get ready to see it because she needs everyone to look at her doll. And of course, look at her *having* a doll. I’m now broadening that beyond just people in my apartment.

Renee and her Doll

I totally distracted myself from the Monday-ness in order to laugh at my cats. I feel better about the day now that I have archived The Doll.


~ by Layla on April 7, 2014.

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