An Odd Dream

I rarely remember my dreams.  I will wake up from a dream, and if I happen to still know what it was about,  generally I think “oh wow. GOTTA write that shit down.”  Most of the time, I then immediately forget all about it.

This dream was nightmarish.  But I also find it deeply puzzling.  I should look up some of the components. In fact, I’m going to.

This dream was in Poland.  Pre-World War 2.  I just ………knew that.   My awake self knew it, too. My first thought when I sat up in bed was “My God, I am NEVER moving to Poland.”

It was like…in a snowy forest, out in the middle of nowhere.  Not even like a village.  My mother had a cabin and her FRIENEMY had one down a path, in a clearing.  And they each had “A MAN.”  I don’t mean like a boyfriend.. I mean like.. a male person that worked for them in some capacity.

The other thing about this dream – I was me right now.  Everyone else was like 15 years younger.  We were all wearing a lot of fur.  I never saw the friend of my mom.  Or anyone that lived in her cabin. ‘Cept the man. He was young.  A little….odd.  (No one had an accent, by the way.)

We made out.  And then my mom came in and we stopped and he left.   Later, the other guy showed up. Mom’s manservant, I guess.  He had carrot red hair and was very large.   We made out, too.  (I was a slut in this dream, evidently.)

Then something happened.  I could see the moon very clearly and it made the snowy ground seem very light.   The red-haired guy was gone.  And I knew something bad was about to happen.  I was very scared.  I looked outside and I screamed because there was a trail of footprints in the snow.

I wonder where my mom was?  ANYWAY  …  The back door swung out to open and my fingers wrapped around the door to push it open (because I clearly believed in the dream going out was a good idea)  and suddenly my pinky finger was caught in this…it was like a pair of scissors but it fit my pinky and it had teeth.  And the OTHER guy came from around the back of the door so I could see him.  And he said he HAD to punish me because I had said horrible things about him to the red haired guy (He actually said a name but I don’t remember it and I kind of think I didn’t hear it)  I woke up as he snipped off my pinky!

It was like Stephen King meets Reality TV.


~ by Layla on April 9, 2014.

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