The Week in Brief

It was LONG.

Ok, perhaps not that brief.  My week was just so busy.  However, cuz The Boss is awesome, she let us go at 3pm today.  I had just made plans with my mom to meet her at her house when she got off work (which was that I’d stay a few minutes late so I wouldn’t have to wait around).

However, you change. You evolve. You go with the flow. At least I do.  And when I’m told “we’re going home at 3.”  Yeah, I go.   So that was great.  I went to a ghetto fashion store I’ve been dying to check out.  However, I got there and the sign on the door said “internet down.  CASH ONLY.”  So I did not stick around to be tempted, cuz like, who carries cash?

I actually typed that and started laughing.  Because I have a friend who does.  She is always ready to do a take out order with a group.  I, however, am usually not prepared.  LUCKILY,  she was usually good to let me write her a check for my portion of the order.  She’s good like that.

I can’t carry cash.  I will have a sum of cash and then it’s like….gone. and I have no idea in the world where it went.

SO anyway.  I went to a different ghetto store that I do occasionally custom.  I found a great tote.  I read the tag as “9.99”  I was so buying it.  HOWEVER, I came to discover the tag had actually been 39.99.  Yeah, fuck that.   It was one of those she hollered out a total and I’m like “whoa…what… WHY?”  and then I saw the tag.   “oh yeah. I’m sorry, but I do not want the tote.”

Basically, cuz to me, it was not at all worth 40 bucks.   The other check out girl was telling me “Well, it would be like 80 in the REAL store” and listing off reasons of why every woman needs that very tote in her life.  I’m thinking “yeah, I wouldn’t pay that much for the real version, either.”   Instead, I just said “oh yeah. Totally. I had just envisioned a number in my mind that I was going to spend in here and this would be wayyy past it.”   Mostly, because that girl seemed to make my mind change entirely personal that I didn’t want to drop 40 bucks for a VERY cheap knockoff.   LIKE IT WAS HER DESIGN AND CREATION.

I finished in there and I made another urban stop.   I decided I had time to run by the Asian grocery.   I wanted some packs of udon noodles.   While I was there, I also bought a package in order to FINALLY try some mochi.

Taro Mochi

I did. I’m not overly impressed. One piece, which is perhaps a little more than bite-sized, had 130 calories in it. Honestly, I think I was working with the mindset “For that many calories, it is probably better than sex kind of good.”

It’s not.

I mean, it’s not terrible or anything. It tasted like..marshmallows. I didn’t think “EW” as I was eating it. Probably because I was so busy thinking how many miniature candy bars I could have had for that many calories, instead.



~ by Layla on April 11, 2014.

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