What You Think Matters…

About a week ago I had a conversation with a work friend.  I had wandered into her office and sat down to chat for a moment at the beginning of the day.  As she was getting settled at her desk, I noticed the brightly patterned “handbag” sitting on her desk.  .

I remember thinking that I liked it but it was crazy not what I would have expected her to carry.  Nor would I ever carry it.   So I was all “Oh! You got a new bag!”

She stops and stares at me a moment.   “…..That’s..not a handbag, Layla. That’s my lunch.”

“Well…….oh!  WELL THEN.  Knowing that it’s a *lunchbag*?  I LOVE IT!”

“Right?  You REALLY thought I’d carry that as a BAG?”

“Well……………………I would have hoped not and it REALLY seemed not your style but I wanted to be supportive.”

I hadn’t really given it much thought beyond that.  Then yesterday, I was at my ghetto store and I got a bag.  I can’t nail down which designer it’s a knockoff of but I like it.  It’s kind of leathery (not leather) and patchwork.  It’s also not at all my usual style. it’s much louder than I’d normally carry but I was digging everything about it.   And for 10 bucks, what the hell?

Today, when I arrived at a different friend’s house, I immediately  was like  “D’ya like my 10 dollar ghetto bag?”

“……….Not especially, but I can sort of see why you dig it.”

Which that is absolutely fine, you know?  Ordinarily she digs a LOT of my purses and has happily taken a few when I found I had accumulated too many and needed to find new homes for some.

Then she’s all like  “…You know.. that’s a fake.”

Me:  “……………………………Yes.  I realize.  I did introduce you to my new bag as ’10 dollar ghetto bag,’  after all.”

For a moment, I was not sure if I was “…”  because she doubted my ability to detect a genuine article of designer fashion  or if it was because she thought I would actually believe it was real designer bag.

And then I flashed on the conversation with coworker and I wondered if her “…”  had been offense that I doubted her sense of fashion enough to believe she would carry that as a purse, or pity that I hadn’t been able to tell the difference between a lunch bag and a hand bag.

As I type out these 2 little exchanges, I realize there is an awful lot of potential for awkwardness with women and their handbags.





~ by Layla on April 12, 2014.

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