Too Stupid To Work Pinterest

I do have a pinterest, yes.  I broke down and signed up because I was talking with one of my friends about wedding stuff and I wanted to “speak her language.”  So I pin things.

I sometimes pop around and see things that interest me.   AND IT TAUNTS ME FOREVER.   My friend had pinned a pie thing  “chocolate covered cherry mousse cake”  for me.  Because Mr. L is all about the cherries and how does one improve cherries but to dip them in chocolate?

I can’t find the recipe.  I have clicked everything imaginable. I even sent the pin to myself via email.  Why the hell do I want to just look at a picture of this pie/cake …thing ? I think I’m more perturbed because I don’t even LIKE cherries. That dessert is kind of gross to me. But I want to make it for him! “Oh Honey, I was totally going to make this for you but I can’t. Isn’t it a pretty picture of dessert?”


I have this pinnned! This is The Cake. SEE? I’m sharing. I think I’m definitely improving!


~ by Layla on April 15, 2014.

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