Life Lessons

Yesterday, I read a post on some snooty literature blog. I don’t actually mean that as particularly negative. I don’t particularly mean the ‘snooty’ as uncomplimentary and I wanted to clarify that. Anyway, the thing. The gist was that with electronic readers, you never have to be ashamed of what you are reading, because no one even has to know. They gave a little list of “trash” reads that are actually pretty good.

I really don’t remember what was on the list except the first one. “Flowers in the Attic.” Honestly? I think I was ten or eleven when I first read that series. Well, I just Googled it. I read the first four. Everyone did. Mind? Blown. I had already been busted by my mom for reading those horrible little Harlequin romances. Those were *evil* and forbidden. I am guessing it must have been because the VC Andrews were *thick* books (I’m guessing “The bigger the book, the more suitable it must be”) but she never said a word about those and I would read those with my eyes SO wide. Murder. Incest. Etc.

She finally asked me about it around the …third book into the series. AND SHE FLIPPED HER SHIT. She gathered them up and took them away from me. And then a couple of months later, I found the second one in her night stand. WITH A BOOK MARK! Yeah. Hypocrisy Up In This Bitch.

I stole them back and started them over on the sly. So anyway. Yeah, read ’em.  I don’t believe I took anything away from reading those. However, a different “trashy novel” series stands out in my head as having gained knowledge from it.

Scruples. Yes, love, Judith Krantz. I love me some Judith Krantz. Most know of Scruples and Scruples 2. I find that many don’t know “Lovers,” the 3rd book. Mostly because the first 2 books were largely about Billy Ikehorn and the 3rd book is basically “Billy Redux” ala Gigi Orsini, her step-daughter.

An artist formerly known as “Aunt” was also all about Scruples and what she took from it was Sascha’s “Men Must Suffer.” I never cared so much about that.

I was about the French lady who was Billy’s landlord during the Parisian stint, Madame de Vertdulac. No, I didn’t remember actually remember her name off the top of my head. I hunted down my paperback copy. Because I *knew* I had it. I will NEVER get rid of Scruples.

Liliane taught Billy (and Layla) about discernment. If you can’t afford to buy something, you have the luxury of only approving of the very best. And you can snob your heart out at “second-rate” items that you wouldn’t deign to consider if you *could* afford them.

Obviously, my recent swoonings about knockoff Birkins prove that I don’t 100 percent follow this rule in life. Let’s say it’s more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule with me?

Lately, it’s all about the handbags with me, isn’t it? I woke up at 2 am this morning musing about a bag that I lost when I was 17. “Musing” …mourning is a more apt term. This was a great bag. It was a black leather drawstring.

I’m really surprising myself with my colorful storytelling this evening. “Lost.” Yes, that’s not one hundred percent honest, either. I was an idiot and created a situation where it was stolen.

A friend and I were going to attend a concert in a not great area of town. We parked about a block away in a bus station parking lot. (First mistake, no?) We parked in her mother’s car. We wanted to be careful and smart; so we got out of the car and very carefully threw our purses in the trunk and then went to ROCK OUT!

We rocked back to an empty parking spot with a sprinkling of broken glass and tread marks. AND WE WERE SURPRISED!

This was a much more helpful article than normal. You got 2 life lessons from me for the price of one. 1. A book that gives you something is never “trash.” And 2. Don’t put your purse in the trunk after you arrive at your destination.

What can I say? I live to assist.


~ by Layla on April 25, 2014.

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