New Words

I have been told on numerous occasions that I speak my own dialect.  I can’t really deny this.  I do have a tendency to make words up as I go.  I just figure if what I mean can be gleaned in the context of what I am saying, why shouldn’t I make English my bitch?

I read a blog post recently on Man Repeller that was dealing with exactly that.  A new word:  Turnt.

I am still trying to decide what I think of this word.  A while ago, a friend of mine was trying to get me on board with a few words of his own creation.  They were actually quite similar.

One of them was  creamt.   At first I was “oh, hell no.”   However, if I can think something through and get it to make sense to myself, why not?

Dream.  Dreamed. Dreamt.   Why wouldn’t it or couldn’t it work the same way for a rhymed word, especially when both words are taking the forms of verbs?   Once it worked for me, I was good with it.   Cream. Creamed. Creamt.

I’m not going to USE it, mind, but I don’t automatically feel as though “No, that’s wrong.”

Kanye’s word?   I don’t think I dig it.  Even though it could follow the same structure. …. No.


~ by Layla on May 18, 2014.

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