Loose Threads

Have I said lately that I love Chipotle?   Well – I love Chipotle.   I have always referred to it as the “Subway for Burritos,” but sometimes that is exactly the ticket.

Not that I eat burritos.  I mean, I do, but Chipotle is for LOW CAL noshing.  My burrito bowl that leaves me stuffed is less than 500 calories.  Cuz I do not get rice.   I don’t feel it’s that big of a sacrifice.  Rice just doesn’t …do it for me.

This could turn into just a random mishmash of little shares.   Because I immediately went to change the subject to  “my pants are missing a button.”  I need to replace it. I can sew a button, as a matter of fact.  That is the sum total of my sewing skills, but I can sew the shit out of button replacements.   I hadn’t realized my pants were missing said button when I bought them at the thrift store. But hey, they were 25 cents.  One can’t bitch too hard at that.  Especially when they are so cute.   Grey capri cargo pants.

That was not my original outfit this morning.  It was a strange morning.  I had it in my mind to wear a certain skirt today. A favorite, grey tshirt material cotton.  I had thought perhaps it was a little big but then I got it on and realized “Yep.  Too big now.”  I was going to say “fuck it” and wear it anyway.  I had even decided on a pair of heels, though I would need to wear some sort of …stockings.  So I reached in to the place where they live and came out with this grey pair of panty hose.

Totally unidentified.  No idea where they came from.  I got them on with the shoes and the skirt and I looked down and realized.  “You look like you think you are a fucking figure skater.”   They were a little thick and had almost a bit of..sparkle to them.  Yeah, can’t be doing that.

So they came off along with the skirt that was nearly saggin’.  NEAR FASHION FAIL, lemme tell ya.    I did not want to change from the waist up so it was….fish around in the drawer..  GREY CAPRI CARGO PANTS.  “yep. this could work!”   got them on. Damn. button missing.  “oh well.  longer shirt.  WHO WILL KNOW?” AND I LOOK CUTE!

I love that it’s warm enough to wear skirts.  I will be rarely wearing pants from now on.   However, tomorrow is not a skirt day.  I always wear jeans and “completely cover the feet” shoes when I do a property search.  Cuz YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL BE WALKING IN OR THRU.

NEXT ABRUPT CHANGE: I love when you say something that you didn’t intend for funny, and then the person you are talking to thinks it’s like the most awesome thing ever.   I hadn’t meant for it to be funny. I was just talking about LIFE..

In POINT:  Kitty.  He is a total pimp.  He even knows work days.  And even when I have a day off.. he is right there sat next to me on the bed, stroking me on the cheek or hair.  At first very lovingly  “Get up, Baby.   You know you gots to go make us that money.”  However if I don’t comply (and quickly), it gets less gentle very quickly: “Bitch – don’t make me have to repeat myself.”




~ by Layla on May 22, 2014.

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