A Dysfunctional Family

Shit has got very real up in this bitch.

Today started very nice and then went to hell very quickly.   I got up early and went to hang out with my mom.   We went to the two thrift stores we like to go to. We had lunch.   We chilled a little at her house. I left about 4 and came home.

Everything was fine. Renee was kind of fussy and hyper? but I just assumed because it was past 430 and she wanted to eat.  about 20 minutes after I get home, I decided “what the hell” and went to feed them both right then.  But it was only her.  I call for him and he doesn’t come. It’s odd that he’s not there to see me when I walk in thru the door.

As soon as I hit the second bedroom, I realized what must have happened.  The screen on one of the windows had given way and there was DEFINITELY a cat sized opening.   I didn’t know if he fell out the window or if he climbed out.

I slipped on flipflops as I full on panicked.  Grabbing my keys and my phone, I did lock the door.  But all I could think about was my poor boy who has never been outside in his entire life.  Hurt or attacked by an animal or animal control got him.

I ran down to the courtyard and I called out “Kitty? Where are you?”  I almost IMMEDIATELY heard him.   He can be ridiculously loud when he wants to be.  Within 5 seconds I have located him.  He is down on the sunken patio of the garden level apartment below mine.   There is a big …I think it is a vault kind of safe out there. it seems just decorative but he has wedged himself almost underneath it and behind it and is absolutely unwilling to come out.

I knew that he was aware I had found him because he started yowling up a blue streak.  I think the translation was “GET ME AND TAKE ME HOME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!”   So while he is carrying on, Renee is sat at my balcony door and every time HE meows, she does too.  In solidarity.  I’m very nearly in tears.

Those neighbors are not home.  I do not know who to call.  I can’t vault the little fence around the patio cuz it’s about 6 foot high wrought iron poles and then about a 5 foot drop below that.   I’m pacing around trying to decide if this is worth calling the police when a neighbor pops her head out onto her balcony “WHAT IS GOING ON?”

“My cat accidentally got outside . he’s trapped himself down here. He’s freaking out and I can’t figure out how to get to him.”  LUCKILY – this girl works for the complex.  She has a passkey and she says “do you think he will hurt me if I try to get him?”  “Honestly- He might. I don’t know if he is hurt and he doesn’t like strangers in the best of circumstances. ”

Her:  “Right. You go in there and get him. ”

She opened that patio door and as soon as he saw MOMMY he started crying harder.  So I was sure he had injured himself.  But as I reached over and took hold of him, I touched paws, legs, shifted my hand under his belly and he seemed fine.

As soon as he realized I had hold of him, he was almost hugging me with his paws he quieted down for a second.  But almost immediately started yowling again.  “GET ME HOME RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT!”

This is where the trouble started, I unlocked the door and set him down on the floor in the apartment. And Renee lost.her.shit.

She was growling at him and hissing.  Giving me dirty looks and trying to keep him away from her.   He was just terribly confused.   I was too, actually.  2 hours later she is still tripping out.

I’m not sure if she lost his smell and she thinks “NEW CAT AND THIS BITCH BROUGHT HIM”  or if she is furious that we BOTH left her alone for SO VERY LONG.  I’m betting its the smell thing so I guess I just need to wait it out.

Again with the title, we’re so dysfunctional.



~ by Layla on May 25, 2014.

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