The Almost Fit Basket

I keep a pile of clothes in a laundry basket.  It’s like a goal.  The things that *almost* fit set aside until they do.

From time to time, one should take a moment and try those things on.  I believe it’s very important to feel bad about yourself.

I recommend trying those things on when you’ve had an other wise good day.  Because the kick in the ego can be particularly harsh.

That was on April 10th. I stand by that assessment.

Two nights ago, though, I went through my basket; call it my bi-monthly check. I actually culled it down quite a bit. 3 pairs of pants came into the regular rotation of my clothing. 6 items I decided I didn’t actually like anyway and they had to go.

I don’t believe in keeping things in the closet or drawers that you can’t actually wear. There are things that I’m not going to throw away that I generally *don’t* wear. Well to be honest, I have enough clothing that hardly anything gets worn …frequently.

When I sit in this chair, I often have a new accessory: A Shoulder Cat. He hops up on the back of the chair and drapes himself in several different ways depending on his reason for the visit. He might be wanting to nuzzle my cheek to tell me “Bitch, it’s time to pay attention to ME.” Other times, he watches what I’m doing on the internet, you know, just typical supervision.

I keep setting this one aside and picking it back up. That last bit was June 7th. I guess this is the post that I add my little clothing rambles. Several posts went up thru polyvore. What a fun little toy that is! I could think about clothing almost endlessly so making outfits for ME is too much fun!


~ by Layla on June 21, 2014.

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