Doin’ The DMV

I’m still trying to decide what I think of this new dashboard.   I should sit down and hit some buttons.  I also need to sit down and figure out how to put my pictures back.   Stupid Photobucket wanting to charge for “3rd Party Hosting.”    Bite Me.

So.  I’m back.  Yay!  I put down the Candy Crush in order to be here.   One would hope I’d have something real to say.  Unfortunately, not so much.

I was a total adult today, though.   My driver license expires on the 1st (yep, birthday)of December.  And I have totally managed to procrastinate up to the 27th.  HOWEVER –  I had asked my boss if I could leave at 3:30ish tomorrow to go do it.   But then I finished my work earlier than I thought I would and I was right near a DMV, so I just went and did it today.   It was relatively painless.

There was this rude person, though. Isn’t there always?   But this bitch was particularly special.   The computer was acting up so they had a chick printing the little “your number is” tickets. and I was behind her.   She asked the lady “Do you have to have proof of address?”   and the woman told her  “Yes, you do.”    I was also pretty sure that the DMV lady was speaking English.

BUT – Our friend just bopped to her seat, went when her number was called and acted totally fucking -mystified- when they told her she was going to have furnish proof of address.  Undaunted, she jumped on her phone and started making calls.  Finally, the lady that was doing license renewal was all like “yeah. You can’t do that here.”   and the girl is all like  “Well, It’s my turn.  I need my Dad to bring up a bill.”   “Yeah, no.  You can come back when you are -ready-.”

I was quite pleased.  Being directly behind this hot-pot of magic, I could so see myself being made to wait for her Dad.   Anyway, so it is my turn then.  I’m all prepared.  The woman was all like “is your license expired?”  “Nope.”  “Can I see that?”  I whip out the old license.

She glances at it. Did you bring proof of residence?  I pull out my freshly printed gas bill.  she accepts that.  “We’re good to go!”   “What?  Really? You don’t need my passport, paid tax receipt,  proof of insurance, etc”   “No.  BUT  – As soon as you hadn’t brought it, I promise I would have decided I desperately needed to see them”

My picture is horrific.  But then again, when aren’t they?  I’m always impressed when I see a good driver license photo.  Oh yeah.  My last DMV tidbit.   So I was doing the sign bit.  I had had a ton of trouble with the eye test because I wear my glasses during and the way they were sitting, my nose wasn’t triggering the lights and stuff right.  But yeah, I’m whipping thru the signs  “STOP!” “MERGE!” “NO LEFT TURN” “NO U-TURN”  “Oh. um. i recognize that, but I have NO IDEA what that is”   “Do you want to guess?”  “sure.  ……………CAUTION?”  “no.  DO NOT ENTER. It is confusing because there are no words on this one.”  “*staring at it for a second* It sure is, isn’t it?”

Pretty pleased with me, willing to face a DMV, -after- a Monday ,-after I had an entire week off.   That lady was fabulous.   I think we were destined to be best buds.  I think she thought so, too.   Until I didn’t want to be an organ donor.   I think she was done with me, then.


~ by Layla on November 27, 2017.

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