Who Does She Think She Is?

I have always meant to do some sort of ….I don’t know , introduction to me?  It was always going to be “later.”  Well, I guess we’re there.


Someone said to me today that they should start a blog but they were not sure what direction it would go in.  Yeah, me either. I’m still waiting to see what this blog is going to be *about* really.  I still do not believe in dumping my angst in everyone’s lap.  When I do do a blog about my angst, I want to believe that I keep it mostly humorous (like right there where I just said “do do” ) but still make my point in that slightly (ha) off- center way I tend to roll.

It’s been more than five years now.  It’s time.

So who is “she”?

She’s in her 30’s.  She’s divorced but there is someone important in her life.  She loves to write, never thinks of this as a ‘diary’, but more a column on a very…small scale.  She tells herself that someday she’ll write something that actually matters. She finds it easier to talk about herself  biographically in 3rd person. She has 2 cats.  She’s opinionated, chatty, and thinks being funny is one of the most important things in life.  She’s self-absorbed and kind of bitchy, but she’s a good friend and loyal. She’s caring and warm, but she’s also neurotic and cynical.

I CAN’T DO THIS!!!!  I feel like I’m writing an obit- so if you want to know more, stay tuned.


One Response to “Who Does She Think She Is?”

  1. You are my new best friend.

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